Madena Parsley 


The Infinite Impact Community was created by Madena Parsley, she is an inspiring leader with a passion for helping others succeed. 

She founded Casa Sana over 10 years ago to assist teens and young adults in Piura, Peru to escape the poverty cycle they were born into. Casa Sana focuses on Engagement, Empowerment and Education while using community service to create compassionate leaders.

She has shared her wisdom through two books: "The Power of Connection", a motivational account of how Casa Sana came to be and "The Power Of Frequency". 

Madena life's work is to empower those who need it most to escape poverty and live prosperous lives!

Why Infinite Impact Community?

A Community Based on Reciprocity

The Infinite Impact Community is based on a simple but powerful concept: what we give, we get in return. By gifting to the community, each and every individual gains the benefit of reciprocal support. This community isn't founded on taking, but instead on giving with an open heart and a desire to help others succeed. It's an inclusive collective that cooperatively grows together and celebrates its successes together. With everyone coming together it fosters a powerful sense of community spirit that shares lush rewards for all involved.