Comm-Unity - A new blueprint for life

Dec 28, 2022

I have been feeling a bigger pull than normal to create community that revolves around giving and receiving

Getting back to the roots of humanity when we relied on ourselves and our community. 

No one left behind mentality.

Repairing items instead of throwing them away.

Kindness before all else.

Lifting each other up instead of pushing each other down. 

Anyone else?

The definition of Community: a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality and often have a common cultural perspective. 

I think this definition is a bit outdated as now with technology our communities do not only reside in a specific physical locality. Due to the internet there are worldwide communities all working towards the same goal or dream.

But in these modern communities there usually isn’t a give and receive mentality, they usually revolve around opinions or what can I sell you.

I am feeling the pull for communities where there is a common goal or dream. These communities do not have to be large and the  goals/dreams do not have to be huge, they can be as simple as providing food, water and shelter for all 8 people.

With this blueprint for community, we take back our power of self sustainability which removes the need for help from entities that only care about what they can sell you or their own opinions.

Communities whose focus on Reciprocity is the new Gold Standard.

© Madena Parsley

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