Groups and Infinite Impact

Feb 27, 2023
Groups and Infinite Impact

In an act of community, groups are gifting $100 which compounds to bring abundance for all. These contributions promote a culture of reciprocity and community building, in which everyone is included in the community success. As these investments compound and multiply, the community as a whole invites members from all walks of life to benefit from each others' efforts. This gives everyone a chance to be involved and engage in creating a better opportunity for everyone. Through collective acts of kindness and compassion, we can all work toward a world with more abundance for all.

When you combine efforts as a group, the sky is the limit! What if you join forces with 5 friends inspired to make a difference in the world? Together, work towards protecting clean water and wildlife; providing clothes for those without shelter; backing female power initiatives; or promoting child welfare. Imagine what could be achieved! 

Or why not embark on an unforgettable journey together with your closest circle of pals? Decide where that wonderful first trip will go, whether it's somewhere tropical or snowy, then count down the days until departing! 

Or consider buying a family cabin which can serve as everyone’s home away from home no matter if it’s located by sea, on a  mountain, has a river view or on a sandy beach, let daily life become even more special through cherished shared moments.

What is Infinite Impact? 

How does it work?

Gather up 5 of your like minded friends, with a one time gift of $100 each and each inviting 2 like minded

people that duplicate the process.

When all 5 friends move through all four boards you receive $213,500 in your pocket, to donate to your favourite organisation or travel the world together or purchase that cabin.

This seems unbelievable, right? It must be a pyramid scheme, right?

The Ultimate Pyramid Scheme that we never think about is........a corporation. Who gets all the $$ that the workers bring in? Is it the workers OR is it the top tier?

Our system is decentralised and peer to peer, there is no CEO or stockholders, it is not owned by anybody.

There is no Risk, as this is a gift. It requires a one time gift of $100, no other funds ever come out of your pocket.

This is by invitation only! So when you are ready to take your legacy to the next level while improving the lives of others, please contact us.


© Madena Parsley


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