The Power of the Sacred Gifting Economy for Organisations

Jan 22, 2023
The Power of the Sacred Gifting Economy for Organisations

Have you ever considered the power of gifting? Many organisations are now firmly embracing the idea of a sacred gifting economy, which is an economy that is focused on giving rather than taking. This shift in mindset can bring about powerful results, such as increased efficiency, productivity, and collaboration within the organisation. Let’s explore how this works.

What is a Gifting Economy? 

A gifting economy is based on the idea that giving to others will benefit everyone in the long run. It focuses on trust, cooperation, and reciprocity instead of competition and profit-seeking behaviour. A sacred gifting economy encourages people to give unconditionally, without any expectation of receiving something in return. This type of economy has been used in many cultures throughout history and continues to be practiced today. 

The Benefits of Gifting for Organisations

Organisations have much to gain from embracing a new gifting economy. It increases efficiency as people become more creative in finding ways to solve problems collaboratively rather than relying solely on their own individual efforts. Finally, it builds trust among members which leads to better communication and understanding between them.  

How Can You Incorporate Gifting Into Your Organisation?

One way to incorporate a sacred gifting economy into your organisation is to join the Infinite Impact Community, we will guide you to abundance and prosperity. 

If your organisation hasn’t already given thought into incorporating this type of system into your culture - now is the time! Start small but think big! The possibilities are endless!  ​

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